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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Conversation at the Bank



Customer                    : Good morning. Can I cash a cheque here?
Counter clerk              : Please go to the first counter on the left side.

Customer                    : Thank you. Is it the teller system there?
Counter clerk              : Yes, sir. You will get your money instantly there.

Customer                    : (At the first counter) Excuse me. I want to get this cheque cashed.
Counter clerk              : Yes sir, please sign on the back of your cheque.

Customer                    : O.K.! Here you are.
Counter clerk              : Just a minute, sir.

Customer                     : I need thousand rupees notes only.
Counter clerk           : I am sorry; I have only five hundred rupees notes. If you can wait, I will get some thousand rupees notes as well.

Customer                   : Thanks! I won’t like to wait any longer. Five hundred rupees notes are alright with me.
Counter clerk                : Here is your cash, sir. Please ensure that you. Have got exactly the right amount.

Customer                      : Thank you. I shall definitely count my money before I leave.
Counter clerk                : Thank you very much. Have a nice day, sir.


Telephone Banking

Executive                    : Good morning City Bank, This is Customer service Department, How may I help  
Customer                   : Hello. I’d like, some information on the telephone banking services offered by you.

Executive                    : Certainly. What is your account number, sir?
Customer                    : 85 56789000 89548 at the MG Road Branch.

Executive                    : What would you like to know?
Customer                    : Can you tell me how the telephone banking services work?

Executive                    : You can do all your day-to-day banking over the telephone 24 hours a day.
Customer                   : That’s great. How do I access my account?

Executive                    : Just call 80000498, key in your PIN number and listen to the menu of options
Customer                    : How do I choose the option I want?

Executive                    : Just press the number for the service stated by the recording.

Customer                     : What kind of things can I do?
Executive                 : You can check your balance, pay your bills, order a statement, request for cheque book, DD or even transfer money to another bank.

Customer                     : That’s fantastic! Can I trade stocks and bonds?
Executive                     : I’m afraid you will have to have a special account for that.

Customer                     : What about getting help if I have any problems?
Executive                   : There’s an automated answering machine and staff are available 9 to 5 seven days a week.

Customer                     : It all sounds very good to me. I’d like to sign up.

Executive                    : Alright, can you answer a few more questions please?
Customer                    : Certainly…


Useful Vocabulary

24 hours a day.                                  to check your balance.
Account number.                               to key in a PIN number
Automated answering machine.          to order a statement.
Day-to-day banking.                         to pay bills.
Menu of options.                               to sign up.
Telephone banking service.                to trade stocks and bonds.
To access an account.                       to transfer money.


Other useful word group

I want to open an account.
Could you please help me to open an account?
I would like to open a joint account with my wife.
How many specimen signatures do you need?
How much do I have to deposit to open a current account?
I want a cheque book.
I want to encash this cheque.
Are you a customer of this bank?
Yes, I am. Here is my passbook.
Would you like to deposit the cheque for clearance?
It will take about two days, since it is a local Cheque.
But I need the money urgently.
Will they give me the money today?


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