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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Conversation with the Doctor

Seeing the Doctor

Doctor :           Hello, what’s the matter?
John     :           Good morning. I have a terrible ache in my lower back.
Doctor :           How long has your back been bothering you?
John     :           I’ve been having pain for about two weeks.
Doctor :           Do you have any history of back problems?
John     :           No, this is the first time.
Doctor :           Are you taking any medicine at the moment?
John     :           No, just an aspirin from time to time to kill the pain.
Doctor :           OK. Let’s have a look at your back. Please take off your shirt ….


Asking for a doctor

  • I want a doctor
  • I want to see a doctor
  • I want medical advice
  • I want to speak to a doctor
  • I’m not moving till I see a doctor
  • I’m not doing anything until I’ve spoken to a doctor
  • I want a medical examination
  • I’d like you to examine/look at me
  • I’d like medical advice on (this)


Doctors’ questions

  • What’s wrong?
  • What’s the matter?
  • What seems to be the problem?
  • What seems to be the matter?
  • Where does it hurt?
  • Can you feel (anything here)?
  • Do you have any allergies?
  • Can you (touch your toes)?
  • Are you allergic to (anything)?
  • Are you taking any medicine/drugs?
  • Have you been treated for (this) before?
  • Have you seen a doctor about this before?
  • Have you been eating/sleeping properly?
  • When did you last visit your doctor?
  • Do you take much exercise?
  • How much do you drink/smoke a day/a week?
  • Have you been working hard?
  • Do you suffer from (indigestion/nervousness)?
  • Do you get any (headaches/dizziness)?

In the consulting room

  • Take your coat/shirt off
  • Sit down
  • Take your clothes off
  • Lie down on that (couch)
  • Go behind that (screen)
  • Roll up your left/right sleeve
  • Breathe deeply
  • Breathe in/out
  • Open your mouth / Put your tongue out
  • Let me see your tongue /leg/eyes
  • Bend your (left arm)
  • Put your /(hands on your hips)
  • I’m going to (listen to your chest)
  • I’m going to (touch your shoulder)
  • I’m just going to (test your reflexes)
  • I want to (take your blood pressure)
  • Tell me if this hurts
  • This won’t hurt / This may hurt a bit


Talking about treatment

  • Stay in bed for a few days
  • Take it easy / rest
  • Don’t work too hard
  • Come back and see me (next Tuesday)
  • Come back if it doesn’t get better
  • You’ve been working too hard
  • You must (stop smoking)
  • Keep taking (the medicine)


Talking about medicines

  • You can get this at the chemist’s/pharmacy
  • Take this to the chemist/pharmacy
  • The chemist will give you (a cream)
  • This will help your (headaches)
  • Take this/these (four) times a day
  • Take (5) milliliters in water
  • Take a (teaspoonful) after every meal
  • Don’t (drive after taking this)
  • You mustn’t (consume alcohol in conjunction with these pills)
  • You must (finish the whole bottle)
  • Don’t (take any aspirin)
  • Put it on/Rub it on (your knee)


Referring you to another doctor

  • I want you to see a specialist
  • I think you should have an X-ray
  • I want you to go to the clinic/hospital
  • I’m making an appointment for you
  • Take this letter to (Doctor Smith)
  • I’m giving you a letter for the hospital
  • We’re going to keep you here for observation
  • We want to do some tests / take an X-ray
  • You’ve got a (virus infection)
  • There’s nothing broken; It’s nothing serious
  • You’ll have to stay here (for a few days)